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Robust Maintenance and Operations Management

  • Automatically schedule work by time, miles/hours, or units produced. You can even create a combination based on the service needs of equipment.

  • Easily schedule and close project management tasks from your computer or device. Reference easy-to-follow documentation and support videos while performing tasks. Capture reasons for late tasks for root cause analysis, corrective action, and tracking.

  • Create corrective and emergency work orders, organize them by categories, and assign required document attachments. Issue parts used from a Bill of Materials or add them contemporaneously when closing tasks.

  • Schedule and track all maintenance and repair projects. Record completed work directly to a piece of equipment’s history, skipping the steps of the CM scheduling process.

  • Create work assignments by user or classification.

  • Configure equipment conditions and monitor the daily activity of equipment to predict equipment failures and ensure all downtime is planned.

High-Resolution Screenshot

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