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MView360 was originally developed internally as EPIC in 2005 to serve as a communication bridge between our own customers and the MRO teams to help manage their maintenance and repair contracts. Because the tool was developed by users for users, it was designed with a highly user-friendly interface as the primary goal; Making the system do the heavy work behind the scenes for its users. We needed a system that was capable of performing in a demanding environment, while simultaneously providing a simple, straightforward approach to accommodate a wide variety of customers with diverse user skill sets. Our experience was that even the "best" and most costly systems on the market were so difficult to learn and operate, that customers used them minimally or not at all. The added burden of yearly "upgrades" and the training of new associates was a prohibitively expensive cost of ownership lead us into developing one of the first subscription CMMS systems in the market.

Along the way, our customers provided us with valuable feedback and requested improvements that continued to refine and simplify the process and tools. We made the changes in alignment with our commitment to Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement. Customers increasingly wanted our solutions in expanded markets without the tie to MRO contracts. In 2009, we re-engineered EPIC as MView360, a stand-alone solution for managing operations with a 360-degree view of all assets managed, including facilities, equipment, people, and inventory.


We spent 2020 developing the next generation MView365, which brings the entire customer lifecycle experience into focus, adding, for the first time, predictability and insight into capital acquisition purchases.

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