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VMGroup, Inc.

VMGroup, Inc. was formed in 2009, bringing more than 40 years of direct industry and system development experience to the table. 


Our Guarantee 

We are so confident in our ability to deliver impactful results and earn the trust of your organization that we do not require long-term contracts. Simply pay for the serviced delivered and cancel at any time if we do not deliver up to your expectations.


John and Vince met in 2015 and knew immediately they shared the same thoughts and ideas around maintenance management. With a combined 70 years experience they decided to design an innovative, first-of-its-kind product. From the business process design to quick software implementation, MView365 provides all the key elements to successfully move your business to the next level in maintenance management. John and Vince are continually enhancing the products and services of MView365 to provide a seamless end user experience while capturing critical equipment data for management decision making. Our goal is to provide the best software that increases visibility of equipment while eliminating downtime.

Meet Our

Leadership Team

Vince Marino, Partner and President

Vince's first experience with designing and implementing process improvements was in an office environment in the context of software configuration and operational streamlining. Finding a niche in the Continuous Improvement culture, he moved on to tackling supply chain solutions for $100M+ projects in 6 countries across North America and Europe. Working with complex system automations, he has identified and implemented cost savings resulting from process improvements, product improvements, energy savings, and system process reengineering, which have generated tens of millions of dollars of direct efficiencies and provided customers sustainable year-over-year savings. With a comprehensive understanding of what makes business process and manufacturing work effectively, Vince Marino has pioneered concepts in commodity management, integrated supply operations, and supply chain management. He has developed the tools and disciplines to support statistical management, while incorporating R&M (reliability and maintainability) data into the lifecycle model to bring predictability to the manufacturing floor.

John Hartsock, Partner, Vice-President, and Chief Implementation Officer

John started his career as an Operations and Maintenance Supervisor in the steel industry in 2004. He saw the importance of at-your-fingertips data to maintenance and supply chain operations. John started consulting in 2015 and since then has completed 20+ implementations of maintenance management best practices and software in the steel, mining, and oil and gas industries using primarily Oracle applications. John brings a bottom-up approach, advocating for the design and logic of MView365 to meet the needs of those that have the boots on ground.

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